Holidayraj surroundings

Thermal parks

Thermal spa Bešeňová (5 km)

Through the whole year you can discover the strong unique thermal water, which has positive effects on the human body. Enjoy relax all inclusive, in the 16 outdoor pools with geothermal water and water attractions, in the indoor pools and in vital world wellness centre a system of saunas and inhalations rooms.

Aqua-Vital park Lúčky (10 km)

It is a new complex of outdoor a indoor pools with mineral thermal water with healthy effects, also very nice vital world with saunas.

Aquapark Tatralandia (18 km)

Tatralandia offers you 11 swimming pools for relaxation and swimming with various water attractions. In the relaxation pools there is a medium level of water mineralisation and you will feel like in a hot bath.

Relax and sport

Summer mountain bobsled (20 km)

Western City Sikluv Mlyn

Close to Tatralandia, Liptovský Trnovec.

Tarzania (16 km)

Rope park containing different rope obstacles. You can find it in Jasna (20 km), Hrabo (16 km) or near Tatralandia.


Horse riding, quads, go karts, paintball, snowmobiles, baloon flying, archery, mooving catapult!, cimbing school, paragliding, hunting.



Liptovska Mara (8 km), river Vah.

Canoeyng, rafting

There is area of water slalom in Liptovsky Mikulas. The most action and beautiful river should be the Belá river, but it cannot be floated for whole year, only in spring, while the mountain snow is melting. There are also less demanding possibilities, like on Váh.

Liptovská Mara

Bathing, windsurfing, yachting, take windsurfing lessons, rowing, water bicycles, minigolf, fishing, or take a cruise on the 80 seater sightseeing boat Liptov. Liptovská Mara is also famous place for fishing.


The territory of the Low Tatras offers a wide choice for hiking on nearly a thousand kilometres of marked hiking trails, some of which are used in winter as cross-country trails. 

The Kvacany Valley (10 km)

Kvacany Valley is the national nature reserve. Windmills and a sawmill, at present protected as valuable technical sights, have been built in Oblazy. There is a roadrunnig across the valley with many of the cascades and waterfalls. On each stop point ot the educational hiking trail one can learn about interesting scenic spots of the Kvacany Valley.

The Prosiek Valley(8 km)

On the lenght of 3,5 km there are a great number of beatu spots, high rock walls, waterfalls, interesting mountain flora. The valley is a part of the national nature reserve. An educational hiking trail will take you from Prosiek to the Kvačianska Valley.


There are 20 permitted and marked cycling routes in Tanap. Liptov region is perfect for cycling.

Winter sports

Ski center Jasna – Chopok (25 km)

The biggest Slovak skiing resort. There are 14 lifts, 7 chairlifts and 1 cabin lift available for skiers. Available are all kinds of slope difficulty: light, medium and difficult. There are also night skiing and many attractions sucha s gliding, snowrafting....

SKI PARK Ružomberok (16 km)

Very popular ski resorts with a whole range of slopes to suit all levels of difficulty take care of white fun. It has over 30 km of cross-country tracks, 12 km of downhill skiing, an ice tower, and lots of other attractions.

Ski Centrum OPALISKO Závažná Poruba (20 km)

Beautifull slopes under Poludnica peak and particularly affordable ticket prices. There is also children's area with natural ice rink.

Ski resort ŽIARCE/Pavčina Lehota (18 km)

There are 2 lifts, 2 chair lifts and lift for small children.


Demänovská Cave of Freedom (20 km)

Found in the National Nature Reservation of Demänovská Valley in the Low Tatra National Park. The cave system is 8, 126 m long. From the rich choices of the karst formations are the unique karst water-lillies, cave pearls in the pools, and eccentric stalactites.

Demänovská Ice Cave (20 km)

It is 1,975 m long and the ice formations are to be found in the lower parts of the cave where we can see ice floors, ice columns, stalactites and stalagmites.

Stanišovská cave in Liptovsky Jan (20 km)

Castles and sights

Wooden church Svätý Kríž (8 km)

Biggest wooden church in middle Europe. It was built in 1774.

Havranok (8 km)

Archeological locality situated on the lill Ulozisko near the water dam Liptovská Mara. Here were found the settlement from the Iron Age. These days the reconstruction of the Celts part with sacrifice place is running. The objects were restored and create open air archeological museum.

Likava (18 km)

The Castle was referred to for the first time in 1315. Its construction started with the intention to have a guarding point over the passage across the river Váh and the trade route from the Váh Basin to Orava and further to Poland. The Castle gradually decayed in ruins. After a thorough reconstruction in recent year the tower Hunyadyho veža was opened to public. It contains the exhibition of the Castle history.

Vlkolínec (20 km)

The pure wooden built village of Vlkolínec has been a memorial reservation of folk architecture since 1977 and in December 1993 was entered into the records of the World Natural and Cultural Heritage UNESCO.

Magurka (18 km)

The former mining village in the beautiful natural surroundings of Low Tatras, at the end of Lupcianska valley.

Liptov village museum Pribylina (33 km)

There are buildings from the area flooded by the building of the Liptovská Mara dam. There are 11 wooden bouses, agricultural complexes, blacksmith, and two impressive brick buildings – a copy of an early gothic church and a gothic-renaissance church. In the Liptov village museum there are also organised cultural events, showing us the habits and way of life in the Liptov region.

Orava castle (40 km)

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